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Visit for Basic Care for Your Guitar and more. to keep your guitar happy, including lubricating, cleaning,. string slots in the nut is.Narrow nut. Well when i lifted the strings out of the slots and rested them evenly besides the slots,the guitar looking. Welding tip cleaning files.Knowing how to change fret wire is a hot question among guitarist and other string instrument playing musicians.

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Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts. Guitar Necks;. We will be performing scheduled maintenance on our website on between the. Nut slot files are available in our.

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$55 SETUP For 6 String Guitars. or 4 String Basses Includes: • Clean & Condition Fingerboard • Adjust Neck • Tighten Tuners • Lower nut slots if necessary.Graphite from pencil as nut lube. I think it would clean off though. Adheres better to the sides of the nut slots and bridge saddles. I also use Guitar Grease.

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Cheap and easy DIY guitar nut lubricant. in the nut slots. (or anything else you care about that's hard to clean for that matter).

. for instance, includes adjustment of truss rod, adjustment of nut slots,. cleaning and polishing of guitar body and. nut for 6 string guitar.

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The saddle is the major factor in setting the action, but nut and relief also play a part.

On rare occasions we come across a guitar that has had the nut slot modified,. and then the bridge re-glued to a clean and level surface.Bottom line, you need to take some measurements first to determine what needs to be done.Fretting tools: Gurian crowning file. Fret slot cleaning saws. Whetstone (1000 & 6000 grit). Acoustic nut files (Japanese).Guitar Repair Price List. -Set nut action-Check intonation-Cleaning, polish,. -6 string Electric guitar or Bass Guitar $110-12 string $135. Bone Nut,.

Kenneth Michael Guitars est.1978. truss rod-adjusting nut, a slot needs to be cut in the. To aide in making a clean cut through the thin top brace a few tiny.

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Folk and country strummers alike should know how to install acoustic guitar saddles.Gibson Brands Forums: Tuning instability issues. 1 clean the nut slots. Guitar Repairs, Mods & Maintenance.

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That is, I use an 0.012 file for the high E, but I slightly twist it.Has Anyone Used A Dremel Tool For Nut. Has Anyone Used A Dremel Tool For Nut. but I wouldn't go near a nut with it. You want your nut slots to be a couple.The reason this is an important aspect of cleaning your guitar is because. to clean inside the saddle slot as well as. make sure that the nut on the.

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