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Initial Operational Capability is scheduled for second quarter fiscal year 2014.After more tests completed last month, the Navy and Marines decided that the RQ-21A Blackjack drone is worth the gamble. They're putting money on the program that.

Lt. Col. Anthony Bolden, commanding officer for VMU-2, said the myriad of.

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Most UAV that do offer an equivalent capability offer it at significantly less per flight hour than their manned equivalent.“The project will cost approximately $600,000 and has an estimated completion date of Nov. 20.” The Marine Corps’ RQ-21 Blackjack will replace the current UAS, the RQ-7B Shadow. The Blackjack has the capability to supply intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and communications transitions to troops nonstop for up to 12 hours per day.

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The Boeing Insitu RQ-21 is a twin-boom, single-engine, monoplane UAV for surveillance and reconnaissance. It an be launched and recovered on land or at sea without.


Naval analysis provided by ComNavOps, Commander - Naval Opinions.Second are you going to have it return and land so you can download the tape.US Navy orders super-sensor for RQ-21 UAS. LRS-B cost as downselect. suite for the Boeing Insitu RQ-21 Blackjack unmanned air system under an $18.2.No runway? No problem: A look at the new unmanned RQ-21A Blackjack system. By Brett Ruskin, CBC News. Stay Connected with CBC News. Mobile;. project cost.Production models of the RQ-21A will be upgraded with a mid-wave infrared (MWIR) camera and an automatic identification system (AIS) system for maritime missions.Logos Technologies will be unveiling a full-size model of the new internal payload version of Redkite at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) 2017, held February 19-23 in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates.

The RQ-21A Blackjack provides the warfighter. target acquisition, and communication relay via a dedicated and cost effective airborne sensor system capable of.Redkite Sensor package - Image courtesy of Logos Technologies.

Lastly how are you going to get precision location and heading data (this is before GPS was widely available).AeroVironment RQ-11 Raven. Unit cost: $173,000 per system. but has been restricted to larger platforms like the RQ-4 Global Hawk or RQ-21 Blackjack.

Scan Eagle (Blackjacks little brother) provides a long range long endurance dedicated recon capability to frigate sized ships and up.Lockheed Unveils Longer-Endurance Fury UAV. In the specrum of UAS capabilities, the Fury falls between the tactical Insitu RQ-21 Blackjack and the brigade-level.No, you want realtime data so it has to broadcast the result over Radio.JMSDF Considering RQ-21 Buy 12 January 2014 - According to the Japan Times, the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force is considering the purchase of up to 19 RQ-21A Insitu unmanned air vehicles over the next five years.Navy orders three RQ-21A Blackjack small tactical UAS for Navy and Marines surveillance. production RQ-21 Blackjack. today at no cost and receive the.My premise is that that kind of capability with come with same price tag that a manned aircraft would, or more.This blog presents a serious and thoughtful analysis of U.S. Navy matters and is intended to raise the level of discourse available on the Internet.

The new aircraft is runway independent and leaves a significantly smaller footprint than their previous UAS. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt.The PicoSAR features high-resolution Synthetic Aperature Radar (SAR) and Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) modes.Integrator and the RQ-21 Blackjack. grounds of cost and reliability,. Back at base ol systems Come to light ’s day is dawning ove.The Boeing Insitu ScanEagle is a small, long-endurance, low-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) built by Insitu, a subsidiary of Boeing, and is used for.CONTRACTS NAVY Lockheed Martin. systems that could be flown on platforms such as the RQ-21 Blackjack,. an $8,394,246 cost-plus-fixed-fee modification.According to Colonel Jim Rector, STUAS program manager (PMA-263), the system is on track for initial operational capability in 2013.This discussion is about the deep penetrating, ultra stealthy, A2A capable, autonomous wonder aircraft that so many people seem to want.

Blackjack will posture the Marine UAV squadrons at the forefront of MAGTF.

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Science Applications International Corp., McLean, Virginia, is being awarded an $11,838,878 cost-plus-fixed-fee definitive contract for MH-60 weapon systems support.What interests me on this point is that so far UAV in the class you describe have been relatively small, I would have expected the amount you have to put back in, after you remove the pilot et al, to be heavier \ larger.Comments will be moderated for posts older than 30 days in order to reduce spam.The manned equivalent still exists, (and should continue to I think) but just gets used less now as their flight hours are more expensive.

The Myth Of Modularity Torpedo Lethality Myth War With China - Part 1 Civilians Frigate.From Scout Warrior: Boeing Mini-Torpedo Burns-Destroys Submarines Conventional wisdom holds that torpedoes need to be big because they need a large w.

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