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Third, if they have those open ended straights or flush draws, their potential to hit the turn or the river card are huge, better than your chance of winning.

It is something like 35% of my profits alone over 125k hands at 10NL.Those who have been around the poker tables for some time undoubtedly have heard this little joke about A-K resembling Anna Kournikova: "Looks good, but never wins.".

If you sit around any poker table in America you will find very few people make this distinction.

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Source: regularly won money at NL Texas Holdem back when online poker was legal.killapreast: Anna Kournikova: AK = Anna Kournikova. Always looks great. Never Wins. - Profile - GameDesire.Hank talks about how to play big slick in a poker game. More Poker: Poker Omaha Poker Poker Rooms Poker Tournaments. Anna Kournikova looks good but never wins.

Page 2 staff. Anna Kournikova ended a five-match losing streak this week, but as usual she made bigger news off the court. As Penthouse magazine releases topless.

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For comparison, 22 is 49.38% with 2 players and 11.82% with 10 players.Click here to answer this Trivia Question on Quiz Club! The game of poker and Texas Hold'em in particular is exciting and vibrant. One of the things that makes.

Same thing with people who are superstitious about AA, saying that it gets cracked all the time, when in reality it is easily the most profitable starting hand and a huge part of your profits.A nut seller is somebody who only plays when he or she has the nuts.In poker, Anna Kournikova is a name some players give to the Ace-King hand, especially in hands where it doesn't hit on the board. This is a knock on the tennis.

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If your post does not appear in the new queue and you think it meets the above rules, please contact the moderators (include a link to your post, not your story).Like seriously, if there was a SRSAP subreddit (Shit Reddit Says About Poker) this grandfather comment would hit top post.Most recreational players dont realize the value of dominating all other aces. take AKo vs AQs, on a flop like J97r, AQs is drawing to 3 outs plus backdoor draws, for maybe 15% chance to win the hand.The titles have been abridged for the sake of brevity, however the context remains the same.

However, when you lose, it sticks in your mind because the outcome differed from the expected result.People tend to go in for more money on AK off-suit than is reasonable.Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way.

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His classification system became very influential but his opposition to racism was mostly ignored.

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You actually want draws to call you with you have top pair top kicker, that is where you are making your money.

Logo for Business Insider over. One of the most fun things about poker is the. tennis fans sometimes call it the Anna Kournikova because of.TIL in Poker, Anna Kournikova is the name for A-K starting hand. So called because "it looks great but doesn't win. The Anna Kournikova moniker probably stuck.Enrique Iglesias stie acum ca nu mai e nici o sansa sa se insoare cu prietena sa, Anna Kournikova. De ce este România pe ultimul loc la digitalizare în UE.El cantante español Enrique Iglesias y su pareja, la extenista rusa Anna Kournikova, se convirtieron este fin de semana por primera vez en padres tras el nacimiento.regole del poker: forum: Glossario del poker Altre lingue: English; Anna Kournikova. Italiano: Anna Kournikova. Asso Re in mano ovvero Ace King. E' bella da vedere.

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In Texas Hold'em Poker, Anna Kurnikowa refers to the starting hand AK (ace king).So it is single ended. where most sequential card options are double ended.

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You obviously have no concept of coolering or reverse implied odds.

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Trong bài poker, khi cầm trên tay. Anna Kournikova Picture Archive @ Anna-Fans (fansite) Anna Kournikova tại Hiệp hội quần vợt n.

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Anna Kournikova se mentine in forma pentru ca este o profesionista a tenisului dar si pentru ca exercitiile o. De ce este România pe ultimul loc la digitalizare.

A slang term for the starting hand of [Ax][Kx] in hold'em, named for the former professional tennis player and model (a cynical reference to the hand.In poker, there is a hand. 34 Interesting Facts About Poker. May 21, 2017. 1 Comment. “Anna Kournikova” is a hand in Poker that “looks better than it.Poker: Poker by George | Some players prefer the A-K (even if it were not suited) over pocket Aces or pocket Kings. If you connect on the flop, you have top.